The Middle school  of ISL has supported Handi'Chiens very strongly over the years, and in 2016 has donated over 1.600 €, for which we are very grateful.

We understand that you plan to support us again this year, and we are of course delighted.

Dennis and Norbert visited the assembly in October 2015 to talk to the new students about the assistance dogs which Handi'Chiens trains.
They showed some of the things which Cartoon does for Norbert :   photos

The students liked the idea of sponsoring a puppy and its pre-education, with the contributions of 2016 and 2017.
That is a total cost of 3.000€
Your contribution in 2016 was 1.600€, leaving a target for 2017 of 1.400€

The new batch of puppies to be educated will arrive in January.
We will pick one of the for you, put its photo here on this page, and update the page as the puppy develops.
And as your fund-raising goes on, we will also report on that here.
So you will see, and show your family and friends, how the whole action is going.

Don't forget to tell us how the bottle-top action is going.
If you tell us (roughly) what weight of bottle-tops you have delivered, and what your target is for the year, we can put a graph of progress on the site, like the one shown here, which is the one we do for the whole action.

Some of the students liked the idea of updating the ISL page of the ASA website. This would increase the readership and keep the ISL news more up-to-date. To be decided.

Nearer the time we can decide what materials you want from us for the May Fest. It seems the plush toys were a success, the membership cards not.

Voilà, a good session, with interesting ideas arising.

To be continued.

to download the flyers as pdf to print, click on a picture