The Middle school  of ISL has supported Handi'Chiens very strongly over the years, for which we are very grateful.

At a visit in October 2016, we showed some of the things which Cartoon does for Norbert :   photos
Everyone agreed to continue the support, and liked the idea of sponsoring a puppy and its pre-education, starting with the contributions of 2016.

We propose Midas, a charming golden retriever, born mid-October.

Midas went to his foster family January 4th to begin his pre-education, which will finish in June 2018.
Then he will go back to the training centre for his final education before finding his partner as an assistance dog.

We will put new photos onto the site from time to time, showing his progress.

The total cost of Midas and his pre-education is 3.000€
Your donation in 2016 was 1.460€, plus some bottle tops : let's guess the bottle tops so far at half a tonne, value 125€
So we start with 1.585€ towards our target.
As your fund-raising goes on, we will report progress here.
So you will see, and canshow your family and friends, how the whole action is going.

Don't forget to tell us how the bottle-top action is going.
If you tell us (roughly) what weight of bottle-tops you have delivered, we can add the value into your total funds raised.

Thank you for your efforts


ASA raison d'être  2016 ISL

Stëpp story 2016 ISL

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